• R·O·M Corporation

    R·O·M Corporation Website, 2013

  • H&R Block Newsroom

    H&R Block Newsroom, 2012

  • DIT-MCO International

    DIT-MCO International, 2012

  • Gray Swan Software

    Gray Swan Software, 2010

  • Trailblazer

    Trailblazer: New Horizons in 3.5 Roleplaying, Bad Axe Games 2009

  • Slavelords of Cydonia

    Slavelords of Cydonia, Bad Axe Games 2004

  • The Book of Unusual Treasures

    The Book of Unusual Treasures, Bad Axe Games 2003

  • Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves

    Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves, Bad Axe Games 2002

  • Highlander: The Card Game

    Highlander: The Card Game, Thunder Castle Games 1995