BKV Interactive Work, 1997

Years of projects large and small for Hangar 18, the interactive division of BKV, formerly known as MRI, MRA, and Marketing.Comm. Only a handful of samples remain from this time period.

Update: It seems BKV's Overland Park unit is now known as the Frank Agency.

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Above: Jewel case cover and loading screen for a Hangar 18 Interactive portfolio CD. Hangar 18 was the original name for BKV’s interactive division.

Above: Distributed at trade shows, the CD contained samples of websites, videos, and other CD-ROMs that Hangar 18 had produced.

Above: Hangar 18 CD project detail screen.

Above: Hangar 18 CD help screen.

Above: An expanded web version of the CD.

Above: Early parts and merchandise catalog for KCR Internation Trucks, Inc.

Above: Early website for Forrest T. Jones & Company

Above: Pinnacle Award-winning Website for KC Blues & Jazz Festival, 1997

Above: Early website for the Federal Technology Service

Above: Cover for a binder of interactive marketing material that BKV presented to prospective clients.