Firebug Rocks

Posted by on Oct 17, 2007 in General, Technology, Web Development | No Comments

Ok, I guess I’m coming to the Firebug party a litte late (thanks David for passing this along ages ago… I never really followed-up on it ’til now). For those web developers not familiar with this great Firefox extension, run (don’t walk) over to and get this thing installed. Among it’s other varied uses is a style inspector. This isn’t just your ordinary tag selector. The thing is incredible! It let’s you browse through a collapsable HTML tree, highlighting the divs, spans, and other elements you are hovering over in the tree. But not just that, it also shows you the CSS rules that are applying to (or being superceded by) the element. It even indicates the filename of the stylesheets in question and points out the line numbers for the reference. As if that wasn’t enough, it also lets you edit the page’s cached version of the source and style code for what-if-ing. It’s amazing!

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