Webinar: How to Start a Junior FIRST LEGO League Team

Webinar: How to Start a Junior FIRST LEGO League Team

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So back at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, the Independence School District made a push to start Jr FLL programs outside of school. We got wind through one of our kids’ teachers, Mary Fritchie, and attended an informational meeting in September led by Bradley Drinkwater of FIRST Bots of Independence. We rounded up some […]

Coda 2 Hangs on Launch with Large File Open

Coda 2 Hangs on Launch with Large File Open

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So you made the mistake of opening a giant text file (probably SQL) in Coda 2. The program has hung up and you have the friendly spinning Beach Ball of Unresponsiveness, and it won’t go away. So, eventually you decide to kill the program and start over. Aha, but Coda 2 is helpful and opens […]

The Brothers Barbarian Web Series Prepares for Conquest

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My old friend Ken Whitman and crew (e.g. everyone he knows who agreed to be an extra, plus half the old-guard TSR talent) have put together a fun new web series called The Brother Barbarian. The trailer is now online and we’re all waiting anxiously for the release in August!

Medical billing and clinic management company launches new web site

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An old friend of mine just launched his company’s new website for their medical billing and practice management software. Great stuff. Check out Amber Clinic Manager over at the Gray Swan Software website if you’re in the market or know someone who is.

Reply from Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

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I’m so satisfied with, and proud of ,our representative (former Kansas City Mayor) Emanuel Cleaver II, Democrat from Kansas City, Missouri. Can’t say enough good things about him. We are very lucky. =) Got this recently, regarding the recently-past health care reform legislation. It’s an attempt to clear up the misinformation spread by those opposed […]

Kids Concert, March of Dimes Benefit, Aug. 28

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Just a heads-up announcing a benefit concert for the March of Dimes that will be Friday, August 28th at 7pm at Coffee Break near UMKC. Here’s a map and directions or visit the Coffee Break Facebook page! Coffee Break is providing space for us to have kids’ music and entertainment from Dino O’Dell and Dennis […]

Some Kindle Publishing Questions Answered

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Was looking into Kindle publishing at Amazon for a friend and discovered that it’s a real pain in the neck. Here’s a thread breaking down the basic “what do I have to do to my Word doc to make this thing work” questions. Also, forget about simply uploading your existing PDF files or anything with […]

Top Five Health Care Reform Lies — and How to Fight Back

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The health care fight has turned ugly, fast. So the gang at MoveOn.org put this handy dandy list together (with sources) rebutting the key lies and misinformation circulating about the proposed plan. See below… Lie #1: President Obama wants to euthanize your grandma! The truth: These accusations—of “death panels” and forced euthanasia—are, of course, flatly untrue. […]

CD Removed from Optical Drive!

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As previously mention here, we had a library CD stuck in our kids’ 20″ iMac (Intel). You can see the previous post to get up to speed if interested, but the bottom line is that is has been removed. It took four suction cups, a TORX 8 and TORX 6 driver, along with various other […]

CD Stuck in Slot-Loading 20″ iMac (Intel)

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A month or so ago we checked out some CDs from the library and popped them into the kids’ slot-loading iMac at home. The first CD didn’t eject. It has some sort of metal security strips affixed to the top, and is covered with a thin layer of clear plastic to keep the metal strips down. […]