Installation of DOCman AutoThumb

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Another DOCman issue, this time with a plugin I hadn’t tried before called AutoThumb 1.41. Installing through the normal ZIP upload method returned the following error:

JFTP::mkdir: Bad response
JFTP::chmod: Bad response
JInstaller::install: Failed to create directory. “/[path]/plugins/docman/autothumb/libraries/phpthumb/cache/source”
Install mambot Error

Looks like a permissions issue, and it is. It turns out that initially installing DOCman creates a docman directory in the /plugins folder and then puts a couple of files there. Bu there are a couple of problems:
  1. /plugins/docman is owned by noone/noone (at least on my install) instead of the FTP user
  2. the items installed inside /plugins/docman needed write permissions

So, the solution was to change the ownership of the /plugins/docman directory, and then give 666 permissions to the files inside it. Once this was done, the normal install process worked fine. =)

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