Phoca Gallery Joomla Plug 404 Error Resolution

Posted by on Apr 30, 2009 in Joomla, Web Development | No Comments

Here’s an oddity that I don’t quite understand, but am happy to simply note the solution for. =)

Installed Phoco Gallery on two sites recently. On the first site everything works fine. On the second site clicking a thumbnail generates a 404 error. Hmm. Everything is configured the same, but I found this post on their support forums that offered a solution. It wasn’t the exact same problem I was having, though. I was using the Random Image component instead of the Tree component, so it wasn’t clear if it would be the same problem or not. In the end, simply creating a menu item (on any menu) that is a Phoca Gallery page will alleviate the problem. I checked, and on the older site I did indeed have a test menu item for Phoca. On the new site I did not. Adding a menu item for Phoca (even though unused) was enough. How strange, but at this point I’m just happy it worked! =)

Update: It appears the menu item has to be published and not in the Menu Trash. Heh. =) I stuck it on an unused menu.

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