Twitter is a Cocktail Party

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Great article about Twitter from Snapps’ Rob Novak, a high-profile Lotus consultant/developer and good friend to my colleague Carol Dobies. Over at his Lotus Rock Star blog, he makes the case for Twitter, and likens it to a cocktail party. Money quote:

Just something to consider if you’re squarely in the “why would I care” camp…Twitter and other social media are like going to a cocktail party, like one I went to Thursday at the Mentor Summit in Vegas. I expect to talk to lots of people, care about what some of them have to say, filter a lot of personal stuff that doesn’t affect me while looking interested (how rude!), and come away – if not inebriated – with a few nuggets of great information, some great new contacts, and an idea or two out of the social interaction we have in a group that size. This dynamic – and EVERY networking event you’ve ever attended – is very similar to consistent use of social media in a targeted fashion.

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