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Well, I was afraid this was going to suck. This guy gushes and gushes  
about it:


Doesn’t reveal anything not in the trailers, but if you don’t want  
anything revealed at all, I’ve removed the spoilers below.

Note: Andrew Stanton wrote and directed Finding Nemo.

STUDIO: Disney
RELEASE DATE: June 27, 2008
STARRING: Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, John  
Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy, and Sigourney Weaver
WRITTEN BY: Andrew Stanton
DIRECTED BY: Andrew Stanton
GENRE: Animation

Let’s get the insane, over-the-top hyperbole out of the way early – I  
love Wall-E. I adore the character and the film that tells his story.  
Over the course of our lives there are a few times when you leave a  
theater with the absolute, unshakable confidence that you will not  
only see the movie you just watched again but repeatedly and until  
the day you die. It’s the way we all felt upon leaving Star Wars, Toy  
Story, Finding Nemo, etc. There are movies that simply become a part  
of your life. Wall-E is a movie like that for me. I have absolutely  
no doubt in my mind that I will revisit Wall-E, EVE, and The Axiom  
for the (hopefully) decades I have left on this planet. The  
storytelling is brilliant enough that I’ll probably get something  
different out of it every time but the primary reaction that I have  
to Wall-E will be the same when I’m 50, 75, or 100 – pure joy. Wall-E  
is not only the best movie of the year by galaxy-sized leaps and  
bounds, it’s one of my favorite movies in a long, long time.


… And there’s much more to it than that. A love story, an action  
movie, a cautionary tale, a visual stunner – Wall-E is all of these  
things and still just a damn good time.

Ambitious enough for ya? While other studios are shooting animated  
fish in a barrel by keeping things simple, writer/director Andrew  
Stanton has made the most ambitious film of the year. It’s a science  
fiction film with a lead character who doesn’t speak at all. But Wall- 
E is just proof that the old line that “The larger the risk, the  
larger the reward” couldn’t be more true. And I haven’t even touched  
on the fact that Wall-E couldn’t be a more beautiful film to look at.  
This is as large a leap forward in filmmaking as when we first saw  
Woody and Buzz in Toy Story. Wall-E has an Oscar-worthy screenplay  
but is so stunning visually that it would work even it was a  
completely silent film. A Best Cinematography nomination isn’t out of  
the question.

Honestly, neither is a Best Picture nomination. Wall-E is certainly  
that good. But will audiences embrace it? Will they take a chance on  
a non-speaking robot? God, I hope so. We need more ambition in  
movies. 2008 has been so lacking in it. Who knew that it would take a  
robot to show us just how much we’ve been missing and just how much  
we deserve filmmakers that are willing to take a chance? Can’t you  
take a chance too?

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