The Brothers Barbarian Web Series Prepares for Conquest

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My old friend Ken Whitman and crew (e.g. everyone he knows who agreed to be an extra, plus half the old-guard TSR talent) have put together a fun new web series called The Brother Barbarian. The trailer is now online and we’re all waiting anxiously for the release in August!


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Well, I was afraid this was going to suck. This guy gushes and gushes   about it: Doesn’t reveal anything not in the trailers, but if you don’t want   anything revealed at all, I’ve removed the spoilers below. Note: Andrew Stanton wrote and directed Finding Nemo. Wall-E STUDIO: Disney RELEASE DATE: June 27, […]

The Strangers

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We were talking about that creepy trailer for The Strangers the other   night and how some of us had no interest in seeing it. I wanted to   see it, but with the likelihood of that approaching zero I broke down   and read the Wiki page here: Reading this will pretty ruin […]