Twitter is a Cocktail Party

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Great article about Twitter from Snapps’ Rob Novak, a high-profile Lotus consultant/developer and good friend to my colleague Carol Dobies. Over at his Lotus Rock Star blog, he makes the case for Twitter, and likens it to a cocktail party. Money quote: Just something to consider if you’re squarely in the “why would I care” […]

PDF Linking Reminders

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Q) Can you deep link inside a PDF? A) Yes, but only by specifying PDF page numbers. Can’t link to Bookmarks. Link would look like this: Q) Can you specify a link in a PDF to open it’s target in a new window? A) No, not for URL links. They will open in the […]

Some Useful Facebook SEO Information

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Here’s a couple of links worth reading that pertainto Facebook and SEO/SEM… How to Make a Fan Page in Facebook Why You Need to Make a Facebook Fan Page for Your Website NOW!

In Trouble with Copyright Police

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Warner Music correctly identified their unlicensed music in a couple of YouTube videos I posted for our Heath High School reunion in 2008. Videos are still there, but muted. Grumble. Will have to get some new music for those sometime soon. Here… Here… Here… And here…

Dumb ol bracket…

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Another year, another loss. Matt Selman sums it up for me.

Caffeine levels in various drinks

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Found this link at CNN interesting today. From the article… “It is not just coffee that can lead to caffeine withdrawal. While a 6-ounce cup of brewed coffee contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine, tea and cola have about 40 milligrams each, a bar of milk chocolate has about 10 milligrams and hot chocolate has about 7 […]

Resolution for trouble installing FCK Editor for Joomla 1.5

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After installing FCK Editor 2.639b for Joomla 1.5, I was getting this error when attempting to edit an article: “[path]/plugins/editors/fckstyles_template.xml was not found on this server.” Naturally, it was a permissions issue related to the hosting environment. Full description of the known issue is here: (registration required) Crunchy bits follow… Re:server didn’t send back […]

ASP.NET CS0433 compilation error resolution

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To resolve ASP.NET CS0433 compile errors resulting from a changed code-behind, simply do the following: rename the Bin directory (may need to wait for the processes inside to finish talking to it) visit page in question (will result in an error, just ignore) rename Bin directory back to Bin visit page in question again Ta […]

The Sci-Fi Rejection Letter That Time Forgot

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Man, I really love Lore Sjöberg’s sense of humor. =)

The Man We’re Voting For

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Great Times piece today on Barack Obama’s time as a professor.