Twitter is a Cocktail Party

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Great article about Twitter from Snapps’ Rob Novak, a high-profile Lotus consultant/developer and good friend to my colleague Carol Dobies. Over at his Lotus Rock Star blog, he makes the case for Twitter, and likens it to a cocktail party. Money quote: Just something to consider if you’re squarely in the “why would I care” […]

Great GREP tutorial/summary over at Ars

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Ars Technica is running a great primer on GREP by Ryan Paul. Covers basic usage and then introduces the user to regular expressions. Check it out here.

Suggested Reading

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Don’t Make Me Think is suggested reading for darn near everyone in the field of web design and deployment. Susana Bruhn got me thinking about this book again recently when she was asking for good user interface source material and I recommended it. Along these lines, she also passed along 8 Characteristics Of Successful User Interfaces, a […]

PDF Linking Reminders

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Q) Can you deep link inside a PDF? A) Yes, but only by specifying PDF page numbers. Can’t link to Bookmarks. Link would look like this: Q) Can you specify a link in a PDF to open it’s target in a new window? A) No, not for URL links. They will open in the […]

Phoca Gallery Joomla Plug 404 Error Resolution

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Here’s an oddity that I don’t quite understand, but am happy to simply note the solution for. =) Installed Phoco Gallery on two sites recently. On the first site everything works fine. On the second site clicking a thumbnail generates a 404 error. Hmm. Everything is configured the same, but I found this post on […]

Notes on Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

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Found a great WordPress plugin for automatically generating/updating a Google sitemap file for a blog. It’s called Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress and it’s pretty slick. Had some nice debugging features to help out developers with odd environments, too. The one problem, and I saw this coming, was that the entire blog directory must be writable […]

Great Email CSS-Compliance Chart

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Great chart over at Campaign Monitor showing what CSS properties various email readers (both desktop and web-based) support. Handy for those of us who craft HTML-based emails for clients. =)

Some Useful Facebook SEO Information

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Here’s a couple of links worth reading that pertainto Facebook and SEO/SEM… How to Make a Fan Page in Facebook Why You Need to Make a Facebook Fan Page for Your Website NOW!

Server Side Includes on Linux

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I so rarely use server side includes (SSI) on Linux systems that today I ran into the same problem this guy had. I use them all the time in our Windows environments, but in our Linux-based PHP-world, I use the PHP-based versions (include or require). It’s basically just a matter where you can’t include something […]

WordPress Media Upload Issue

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More permissions issues. After installed WordPress 2.71, make sure /wp-content/ is writable by WordPress, or you will have to manually add the /wp-content/uploads/ directory and make it writable by WordPress. This could very likely take the form of 777 permissions (groan).